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In the past 8 years, since late 2013, Ecoppia (TASE:ECPA has been a pioneer and world leader in automation and robotics in the solar industry, offering robotic cleaning solutions for PV modules, keeping them clean, at a year-round peak performance.
With over 2,500 MW of deployed projects across four continents and over 16GW of long-term signed agreements with the largest energy players in the world, Ecoppia continue to lead its domain.
Ecoppia’s robotic cleaning solutions are ideally designed for cleaning utility-scale solar power facilities located in dry and arid areas and are solar powered, water-free and low-maintenance.
Ecoppia’s E4 robotic solution for fixed tilt installations and Ecoppia’s T4 solution for Single Axis Trackers clean millions of solar panels every night enabling optimal electricity production with minimal costs. Cloud based, the Ecoppia AI platform control and analyze the performance of the robotic units, collecting millions of data points related to cleaning, weather conditions and other physical input from the actual site, enabling scale and optimal operation. The company holds a robust intellectual property with 52 granted patents with global coverage, and some additional 30 patents under provision.

At the forefront of automation, Ecoppia offers a suite of robust, reliable and field proven robotic solutions that optimize performance while cutting operational costs

Company Management

Eran Meller

Co-Founder and Chairman

Jean Scemama


Eran Dgani


Ziv Ramati Miller


Ido Molad


Oscar Aira

VP Sales

Arye Lumelsky


Anat Cohen Segev

VP Marketing

Nalin Sharma

VP Asia & Pacifics

Dedy Gur

VP Product

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